Recent Case Results

Recent Case results


Scales of Justice

1) Watts Law client, an over-60 male with a physical handicap, retained Doug after his well-known company suddenly terminated him as Manager and replaced him with a far younger, far less-qualified worker. Working in tandem with another highly-regarded attorney, Doug uncovered evidence of age and disability discrimination committed by the company’s managers. After taking the client’s company to Court, Doug and his co-counsel negotiated a large settlement for this client.

Personal Injury

1) Watts Law client, a successful local business-owner, slipped on a freshly mopped restaurant floor while attempting to perform a safety inspection for the restaurant owner. The client blew out his rotator cuff in the fall and required two surgeries, as well as months of follow-up care. Doug took on the restaurant’s insurance carrier and successfully overcame the carrier’s oft-repeated disdain for so-called “slip-and-fall” cases. Doug’s client received a six-figure settlement prior to trial;

2) Watts Law client, a college-age young man, sustained multiple injuries when his bicycle was struck by a car in downtown Sacramento. The driver’s insurance company denied the claim initially, saying Doug’s client had been riding his bicycle negligently. With the help of a local accident reconstruction expert, Doug convinced the driver’s insurance company to change course, accept liability for the accident, and pay Doug’s client a strong five-figure settlement.


1) Watts Law clients, local residents charged with unlawful cultivation and sale of marijuana, successfully avoided a long jail sentence when Doug negotiated a plea to a lesser misdemeanor charge. Prior to retaining Doug, the clients had been facing a felony conviction, jail time, and several thousand dollars in fines;

2) Watts Law client, a man with no criminal record, was falsely accused of assault and battery by the daughter of his friend. El Dorado County authorities arrested and charged Doug’s client with two (2) felonies. Through diligence, his connections, and creative lawyering, Doug was able to convince the DA to drop the charges and dismiss the criminal complaint.