Recent Case Results

Recent Case results


The Watts Law Firm is not the biggest, baddest and most profitable Firm around, and we do not claim to be. We work our employment cases thoroughly, professionally and most importantly, with competence. You need a trained and experienced Employment attorney if you want a good outcome in your Employment case. Over the last decade-plus, The Watts Law Firm has tangled in both Federal and State Court with Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized employers with 100-500 employees, and numerous branches of the State of California, and we have kicked some serious butt, recovering millions of dollars for our clients!

Personal Injury

1) Watts Law client, a successful local business-owner, slipped on a freshly mopped restaurant floor while attempting to perform a safety inspection for the restaurant owner. The client blew out his rotator cuff in the fall and required two surgeries, as well as months of follow-up care. Doug took on the restaurant’s insurance carrier and successfully overcame the carrier’s oft-repeated disdain for so-called “slip-and-fall” cases. Doug’s client received a six-figure settlement prior to trial;

2) Watts Law client, a college-age young man, sustained multiple injuries when his bicycle was struck by a car in downtown Sacramento. The driver’s insurance company denied the claim initially, saying Doug’s client had been riding his bicycle negligently. With the help of a local accident reconstruction expert, Doug convinced the driver’s insurance company to change course, accept liability for the accident, and pay Doug’s client a strong five-figure settlement.