Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Watts Law Firm P.C. is ready and able to handle a variety of litigation (i.e., court) cases for our clients.

Since 2009, Doug’s firm has successfully handled a variety of civil litigation, family law, and criminal matters all over Northern California, in both the California state and federal courts. He has an emphasis on employment matters representing wrongfully terminated employees, as well as those who have been the target of unlawful discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace. Doug also specializes in bodily injury cases wherein our clients are harmed by the negligence of others.

Doug Watts

In addition to employment and injury cases, Watts Law Firm P.C. also takes on big insurance companies who wrongfully deny insurance benefits to their policy-holders after they’ve suffered financial losses. As a trained litigator and trial attorney, Doug views each case as one that may ultimately end up in front of a judge or jury at trial and prepares accordingly, even though, statistically speaking, most cases are resolved prior to trial.

All of Watts Law Firm’s clients and cases receive Doug’s personal attention, and we are generally quite flexible when it comes to making our attorney fee; sometimes, clients prefer to pay Doug by the hour to complete legal tasks, while others may prefer a contingency-fee agreement whereby Watts Law Firm P.C. gets paid once a matter is settled. Either way, our clients’ goals and best interests are the top priority.

What We WILL Do: We will meet with you, work on your case, communicate with you, keep you apprised of developments and answer your questions. We will be your advocate and tell YOUR story to the Court and to our opponents. If the Defendants attempt to get your case tossed out of Court, we will fight them for you! And, of course, when the time for trial comes, we will prepare your case for presentation to a Judge and Jury. A positive case result comes in many shapes and sizes, and we will always try to reach an outcome that works for YOU.


What We WON’T Do: Ignore you and your case, fail to return calls or e-mails, and make lofty promises we cannot keep, such as “Your case is worth MILLIONS!…,” and “You will win for sure!” We are not in the prediction or false-promise business. The Watts Law Firm is in the justice business.

Doug’s Bio

I am a native Northern Californian, and with the exception of my five “wilderness years” spent in Coeur d’Alene and Moscow, Idaho, I have been here my entire adult life.

Doug Watts

I graduated from Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland in 1986, and from UC Davis in 1991. After spending two years working as a sports and general assignment reporter at two newspapers in Idaho, I enrolled in the University of Idaho College of Law in 1992. After graduating in 1995, I took and passed the California Bar Exam in February 1996. I have been in continuous practice since June 1996.

Having learned from some of California’s finest attorneys for 13 years, I started Watts Law Offices in February 2009.

Work/life balance in these ever-changing and stressful times is a must. This is true for both attorneys and their clients. Once you hire The Watts Law Firm, leave the hard stuff for us and you go out and do your life.

Doug Watts

Douglas E. Watts



Bachelor of Arts: English, U.C. Davis
Class of 1991

Juris Doctor, University of Idaho
Class of 1995

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